Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank God..!

Finally its going to happen...2009 is leaving forever... Yesterday am thinking about 2009....yeah,its the time to revise..what we got and what we lost..? 2009 gave so many chance to identify myself..it come up with my new faces like a Good smoker..Good Chef [in some level ;) ],now i used to sit alone so i can think of myself...Now i have lot of time to think about my dears and nears..
Sometimes you have to let go of the one you love, to find out if there is really something there.".

This year was definitely a beautiful one thanks firstly, to God and secondly, all the other beautiful people in my life. From, my wonderful family and friends to my amazing well wishers.

We need to stop worrying about our past mistakes and our uncertain future. Instead we must learn to appreciate and love ourselves and the people who are presently in our lives

Live close to your faith. Say the words “I Love You” often and more importantly show it.
Afterall…love is and always will be to me a verb. Put it into action!


  1. with lots of ups and downs....hopes n memories yet another year has gone n we have stepped one year ahead..a year full of experiences in life.....n one year short to the day.....awaiting 2010 with much more hopes n happiness.....

  2. In 2009 u r new faces was like a Good smoker..Good Chef.............
    new face Good Smoker not at all good so u can reduce (if u don't mind)
    Good Chef is good al the best for that...